We are now taking reservations for our 2024 litters.

Peyton is due the first of January. We have room on our wait list at this time. Please fill out a kitten application if you are interested.

Please fill out our kitten application if you are interested by clicking HERE.

We have worked very hard to socialize and handle our Novacoast bengal kittens and it has certainly paid off.  Our kittens love to be with their people to interact, play and snuggle when they are tired.  They have been raised with dogs so they would be good in a home with a dog that is respectful of cats.

Do your research!  

Not all breeders are created equally!  You are going to have your bengal for a very long time so it’s so important to make sure that they get the best start to their lives.  Our bengals are raised in our home, not in a separate cattery room.  We have one litter at a time, very occasionally two at a time so that we can spend a lot of time socializing and handling each kitten.   All of our kittens are used to household sounds and routines.

There are several genetic diseases that bengals need to be tested for before being bred, make sure that your breeder does this testing.  Ask to see proof!  Bengals are a very popular cat breed so there are many ‘backyard breeders’ popping up all the time.  Make sure that your bengal comes from a dedicated bengal breeder who has the best interests of the breed.  A reputable breeder breeds to improve the breed, they show their cats to make sure that they are breeding the best of the best and they do health clearances (genetic dna testing)!  Just because a breeder registers their kittens does not mean that they are a reputable breeder, there are so many other factors involved as mentioned above.  Do your research!

Our cattery is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA), Canadian Cat Association (CCA) and American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA).  Our companion kittens will all come with their registration application to be registered with TICA.  Our cats are shown in CCA and ACFA cat shows.  Many that have been shown have won regional awards and some have won
Best In Show or Best In Specialty Shows as well as National Awards.  We believe in producing only exceptionally high quality, healthy bengals with amazing temperaments.

If you are interested in one of our beautiful bengal kittens, please click HERE to fill out our Kitten Application.

Please do your research before purchasing a bengal.  They are very beautiful and unique cats but they aren’t a breed for everyone.  Bengals are very energetic and will require a great deal of exercise.  They love to climb and are very curious cats.  They are a very smart breed and will need lots of mental stimulation, interactive toys and interaction with their family.

Our kittens come with full health guarantees and are only placed in pre-approved homes.  To be considered for a Novacoast Bengal you must fill out our Kitten Application.  Please answer the questions with as much detail as possible.  Reservations are highly recommended as waiting lists start before the kittens are even born.

Litter evaluations are done between 8 and 9 weeks of age and after that time we will decide where each kitten will be going and who will be staying with us.  Our kittens do not leave until they are 12 weeks old at the earliest and are spayed or neutered before leaving us.

We are very careful as to where we place our kittens.  We will be asking lots of questions and we will be asking for lots of references.  If you are not willing to take the time to answer our questions and provide us with the references that we request, please do not be offended when we refuse to sell you a kitten.  Our main priority is the welfare of our kittens, we are responsible for bringing them into the world and we take our job of finding them the perfect home very seriously!

Before we agree to place a kitten we will send you a copy of our contract. Please take the time to read the contract over carefully.  If there is a clause in our contract that you do not intend to follow please do not purchase a kitten from us.

We put a lot of care and work into each litter, every Novacoast kitten is very special!  All litters are born in our home.  We spend a great amount of time playing with our kittens and socializing them from a very young age.  We believe that every kitten needs a good start to life.

When you purchase a Novacoast bengal you become a part of the Novacoast family.  We will always be available to provide support and to answer questions and we look forward to updates and pictures of your kitten.

Planned Litters 2024

At this time we are putting together our plans for our 2024 litters.  There should be the possibility of browns, silvers and snows with either rosettes or the marble pattern.  To be considered for one of these upcoming litters, please fill out our kitten application.

Fireandice In Your Dreams x Kanpur Defy The Odds Of Novacoast

This cross can produce brown rosettes with the possibility of marbles.  

Planned for early January 2024

Confirmed litter

Novacoast Follow Your Dreams x Fireandice Wild At Heart

This cross can produce brown, seal lynx and seal mink rosettes with the possibility of marbles.

We have another litter planned for 2024 that we are very excited about! Once we have our plans finalized we will post the parents’ information.

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