Waylon Simpson Photo

Kanpur Defy The Odds Of Novacoast


DOB:  March 13th, 2018

DNA Testing:

PK Deficiency:  clear by parentage (n/n)

PRA:  clear by parentage(n/n)

Ta^M / Ta^M Mackerel Tabby Allele (Pure For Spotting)

Sire:  Ocispots Corvette Stingray

Dam:  Koppiekatz Givinchy Dream

Peyton has a gorgeous face with a wild expression.  Her short, tight coat is a beautiful shade of golden brown with spectacular contrast, only to be enhanced by the dusting of gold glitter .  Her pattern is simply breathtaking with her boldly outlined huge rosettes.

Waylon Simpson Photo
Allison Mair Photo
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