Bengal Kitten Prices | Nova Scotia

Our bengal kitten prices start at $2500.

All bengal cats used in our breeding program are of top quality, health tested and registered with The International Cat Association. We take great pride in our breeding program, producing only exceptional quality bengal kittens who are healthy with excellent temperaments.

What’s Included With Your Novacoast Bengal Kitten?

• 6 Year Health Guarantee

• Veterinary Health Certificate

• Health Booklet

• Microchip

• Individual TICA Registration Application

• 4 Generation Pedigree

• 4 Dewormings

• Vaccinations

• Spay/Neuter Procedure

• Lifetime Breeder Support

Why Buy Your Bengal Kitten From A Reputable Breeder?

•Reputable bengal breeders put a lot of thought and research into each breeding, taking great care to make sure that each match has the potential to improve the breed.

•A reputable breeder registers all their bengal kitten litters so you know that your kitten is purebred and you can trace their ancestry.

•They only breeds cats that have passed their health testing. Not only this, they use the results of the health testing to make sure that they do not produce kittens with the common diseases that are easily tested for.

•They have done research on how to properly raise kittens to ensure that each kitten develops properly and is socialized before going to his or her new home.

•A reputable breeder shows their cats at cat shows to promote the breed and to have their breeding stock evaluated so that they only breed the best of the best.

T•hey keep the kittens until they are at least 12 weeks old. These weeks are important for the kittens’ development both physically and socially.

•A reputable breeder has the kittens spayed/neutered before leaving for their new homes. Early spay/neuter on cats has been proven safe. This eliminates any accidental breedings and helps to cut down on backyard breeders. Kittens heal much faster from the procedure when done early.

•They work to preserve the breed that they love. They breed for the love of the breed, not for profit. Any money raised from the sale of kittens goes back to the cats.

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