Bengal Cat Information

The Bengal Cat’s Characteristics

Discover the unexpected traits and behaviors of Bengal cats that set them apart from other breeds. From their love for water to their energetic playfulness, learn what makes Bengal cats unique companions for any cat lover.

Bengal Cat Coat Colors And Patterns

Discover the many colors that make up the bengal breed including the colors that we produce of brown, seal lynx point, seal mink point and silver.

Bengal Cat’s Health & Genetics

Brown bengal kitten laying on a log in Nova Scotia, Canada

Discover the fascinating relationship between the health of Bengal cats and their genetics. Learn how certain genetic factors can impact the overall well-being of these unique and beautiful felines, and what you can do to ensure your Bengal stays happy and healthy.

Bengal Cat’s FAQs

Coming Soon…

Silver bengal kitten sitting on a rock in the forest of Nova Scotia, Canada
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